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Athletic Director's Welcome


Welcome to Thurston Athletics,


We would like to welcome you to the Thurston Athletic Department and Thurston Athletic site.  We believe that Educational Athletics is an extension of the classroom and that the lessons learned on the athletic field, court, etc. are as important as the lessons learned in the classroom.  Because of this cooperative educational philosophy, it is imperative that the commitment to athletics is one both the student-athlete and the parent will support.


Students who participate in athletics tend to excel more in the classroom than students who do not participate in athletics.  More Fortune 500 company CEO's participated in athletics than were NHS members in high school.  Being a team player, learning one's role within that team, and contributing to an overall outcome are characteristics that are learned through athletics.  Cooperative learning in the classroom is modeled after athletic philosophies.  Displaying sportsmanship, especially, while dealing with difficult situations, is a trait that will serve all athletes in their future.  


Participating in athletics is a privilege.  Along with that privilege are responsibilities.  Student-Athletes, their families, and the community family are expected to meet those responsibilities.  And in turn, the Thurston Athletic Department and staff will provide leadership and support to all student-athletes so that they may compete at the highest level.  


We offer a wide variety of programs and encourage all students to participate in a variety of programs without limiting oneself to the single sport specialization that is the trend today.  In 2016, 27 of the 32 football players that were drafted in the 1st round the NFL were multi-sport athletes in high school.  


The success of the Thurston Athletic Department relies on the partnerships with its student-athletes, staff, parents, and the South Redford community.  We realize that everyone's goals and expectations may differ, but it is our desire to work together to make this year and every year successful. 


Al Chambo, CAA

Athletic Director 

South Redford Schools