Update: Online Jumpstart

Greetings South Redford Families, 

This message is your invitation to complete the online JumpStart process. Attached to this email are step-by-step directions that can assist you. 

Please note a few reminders as you complete JumpStart:

  1. JumpStart is how you will make your selection for school (Face-to-face, remote or SOAR) for the first semester of 2020-2021.

  2. Please complete every section by clicking “SUBMIT” at the bottom of each page. 

  3. If you log in using a cell phone, you must select "DESKTOP" mode to access all the functions.
  4. If you do not know your MiSTAR login/password:

    1. If you are a Pierce Eagle call (313) 937-8880.

    2. If you are a Thurston Eagle call (313) 242-0600.

    3. If you are an Addams, Fisher, Jefferson, or Vandenberg Eagle, call (313) 535-4000, ext. 1042.

  5. If you have questions, please call (313) 535-4000, ext. 1042.

You can begin the JumpStart process by clicking HERE.

Thank you & Go Eagles!